Below are some of the most fequently asked questions including the Covid-19 spray program.  If we haven't addresses your questions, please feel free to drop us a note.

Frequently asked questions

Why would we use drone spraying?

Time. Cost.
With the Farm-i-tude drones, our ability to cover any area in a very short amount of time with a CDC approved disinfectant is unmatched by the old fashion back spray. Time means cost. One pilot can fly up to 5 drones at once, eliminating the need for additional volunteers that must be certified to apply the needed disinfectant.

What are the benefits of drone spraying?

Drone spraying is relatively new to the agricultural spraying market and brand new as a solution to the Covid-19 restart of consumer confidence. Spraying techniques enable Farm-i-tude to increase significantly the amount of area that can be disinfected in a very short time.

What is the coverage of a drone delivered disinfectant?

The answer varies based upon several factors including the lable rate of the dissinfectant being applied. In general, applying 3 gallons per over 43,560 feet (approx an acre) can cover around 7-10 acres per hour including refuling time. Standard Operating Payload is 10 kg with a Droplet Size :130 - 250 μm (subject to working environment and spraying speed)

Is there certain disinfectant that need to be used?

There is a list from the CDC of the approved disinfectants to be used to increase consumer confidence. The list allows Farm-i-tude to work with multiple vendors to secure available disinfectants.

Is the disinfectant Farm-i-tude uses environmentally friendly?

Yes. Our products are EPA registered, hospital-grade disinfectant. Safe and effective on any and all surfaces. Great to use around children and anyone with a compromised immune system.

Does Farm-i-tude have insurance?

$2,000,000 per occurrence. It will be requested that Farm-i-tude be an added insurer to your policy.

Do I need insurance?

But it's simply adding Farm-i-tude as a vendor on site.

Are Farm-i-tude services tax-deductible?

Yes. Beyond being a service expense, Farm-i-tude is a program owned by The WakWay Foundation who's 501c3 number is 81-3860666. Up to 50% of the Farm-i-tude services can be written off.

Are Farm-i-tude pilots certified?

All Farm-i-tude pilots are certified FAA pilots. Some bringing decades of flying experience, others with military drone pilots experience.

Are Farm-i-tude pilots certified to apply the disinfectant?

Each pilot is certified to apply each specific disinfectant that is recommended by the CDC.

Can Farm-i-tude drones fly indoor and outdoor?

Indoors buildings are never a problem, but because of the size of the drone, we will need to be evaluated each site individually. Outdoors will need to be cleared based on location and FAA restrictions, but rarely an NO issue except for extreme weather issues.

What kind of weather can Farm-i-tude drones fly in?

Farm-i-tude drones fly below 95 feet in somewhat moderate weather conditions, with temperatures between 32° to 104° F. Pilots will avoid flight in heavy rain and extreme temperatures.

Is there any possibility of in-flight air collisions?

Farm-i-tude drones are equipped with Obstacle Avoidance Direction. Simply put, forward and backward obstacle avoidance according to flying directions.

Would Farm-i-tude work with our media team for coverage?

We would love to display our technology for media. The Farm-i-tude team will work closely with your team to craft a story and provide expertise to display the disinfectant system to ensure public confidence.

Can broadcasting from the drone work with any replay board?

Let's start with the answer. Yes.
It a majority of situations if there is already a replay board in place or contracted out. We can work with your current soundman to determine the viability of tapping into adding drone video footage. From there, we will continue to address where to place to drone to work with current cameras and enhance the event experience and not hinder it.

Can Farm-i-tude drones fly at night?

But it requires a special variance to normal flighting conditions. Farm-i-tude will apply and provide the needed paperwork with the FAA to be able to accommodate flying at night.

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