Drone Team

Dennis Lott

Director and CEO of UAS Solutions LLC


UAS consultant to industry and academia.

Developer of Hinds Community College workforce UAS flight training course

Lead designer and pilot of HiRO Telemedical Drone project

Part 107 certified

Licensed Pilot

Joye Sanders

FAA 137 Consultant

FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam)

Factory Certified UAS Flight and Safety Training

Part 107 certified

Mike Campbell

             Chief Pilot

25 years pilot with multi-rating 


Holds 2 land-speed records

Winner of OshKosh Expermental Airplane


First pilot to fly the G202 Aerobatic all carbonfiber plane


10 years flying Drones   


Part 107 certified

Licensed pilot

Brian Taylor

19 yrs operating &  managing        (UAS) 

Specialized in development of policies & procedures to ensure compliance

Leads efforts to identify “best practices” in flight and safety 


Trained and qualified to operate the Hunter MQ-5B and Shadow RQ-7BUAS

Part 107 certified

Licensed Pilot

Kieran Maakestad

10 years flying Quadcopters / Drones


350 hours on Unmanned Operator II on MQ-5B  

Aircraft Commander Certified

FOD Manger

Part 107 certified

Licensed Pilot