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Mentoring pilots how to

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137 Assistance

Drone Agriculture Aerial Applicators.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Exemption process has been made more efficient, and we would like to assist pilots in navigating through this sometimes complicated process.


Having managed and tested over 200 pilots and gained valuable experience through this opportunity, Farm-i-tude has established a Pilot Association that is run by pilots themselves. We have created a comprehensive step-by-step Exemption process, including the FAA test requirement, on the front page of U.PASS.


By becoming a member of U.PASS, pilots can access information on requirements, reciprocity, and state-specific issues.

What are Precision Agriculture benefits?


Prescription drone mapping and precision drone applications along with AI tractors and robotics are changing the face of small farms by utilizing in-depth knowledge in real-time for higher yeilds.

Increased Yield

Increasing yield is not just changing one element in the field.  It's addressing labor, water, natural resources, soil quality, and nutrient measurements to increase overall plant health.

Natural Resource Management

By better understanding in real-time where waste is happening, it allows farms to pivot and adjust, using fewer resources to grow a more sustainable yield of crops.

Cost Savings

By leveraging crop history and adding real-time information that limits unnecessary pesticide application, irrigation waste, reduces farm labor, and gives infrared plant health, it allows the farmer to go on the offense of crop yield.

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