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Teaching Students how to

FLY Right 

STEM Curriculum Through Agiculture Education

Award Winning FAA content creator Richard McPherson explains to U.PASS member Brittney Truman The Farmitude curriculum

Award Winning FAA content creator Richard McPherson explains to U.PASS member Brittney Truman The Farmitude field curriculum


Agriculture Drone Internships

Technology has drastically improved agricultural efficiency, both in terms of cost and labor from mapping the health of crops and precision spraying capacity, which targets exactly where chemicals go to improve plant health while protecting the environment and saving money, to AI tractors that feed, seed, and weed.

As the only 137 FAA agriculture company in AZ, NM and NV, Farm-i-tude is giving the next generation of farmers hands-on, real-life experience in the field helps increase their understanding of how far precision farming can expand and promote better natural resources management.

Drone Education Days

STEM Curriculum just hit Gameification with drones. Through University and high school partnerships, our Farm-i-tude program can showcase the entire fleet to classrooms. Our technology showcase includes mapping, precision agriculture drones, sensor drones, security and autonomous flying drones, AI tractors, and robotics. Our curriculum is located at

Our fleet is over $100,000 and has some of the latest innovative technology. There is nothing like having a fleet of the next generation of technology displayed on the school grounds. "Drone Day" is for classrooms to experience the entire WakWay AI of precision agriculture and how they are changing the world.

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Job Creation - 107 Pilots Licenses

 With the HUGE projection of drone pilots needed in the next couple of years, we have partnered with the best FAA 107 pilot training program available. It covers drones, fixed-wing, AND the most advanced safety-rated program possible. It allows college credits, and we have created a scholarship program for VETS, all online.

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What We Are Working On

 Besides greenhousing technology, Agri Tech solutions including Wiseconn for precision irrigation, Waterpoint for increased soil absorption rate, and of course new ways to use drone technology.
Learn more about Farm-i-tude and the entire WakWay Foundation community and farming programs, follow the link below.

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Current University Collaboration

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