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Through Our Internship Program, Students Get Hands On Learning 


Agriculture Drone Spraying

Drones have drastically improved agricultural efficiency, both in terms of cost and labor. They’re precision spraying capacity, better targets exactly where chemicals go to improve plant health while protecting the environment and saving money.

Giving the next generation of farmers hands-on, real-life experience in the field helps increase their understanding of how far precision farming can expand and promote better natural resource management.

Aerial Drone Farm Mapping

    Reduce and Produce

Over the past few years, a growing ecosystem of ag-specific drone solutions has emerged, making it possible to put aerial data to work in new and exciting ways. 

Teaching today's new drone solutions allows students to help detect crop health issues in real-time, accurately assess losses after a major weather event, and even generate variable rate prescriptions that can offset costs related to labor and resources—literally reducing cost while producing healthier crops.

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Aerial Drone Photography 

 Aerial photography from drones creates a level of visual that is hard to match. Aerial photos and videos encompass views that are difficult to access and can also include pictures/videos of the surrounding area.

Teaching aerial photography is the grounding skill that creates jobs. It's no longer just a need in the movies. The industry predicts there will be a need for over 100,000 drone pilots to service the needs of construction mapping, quality control, stadium electrical, line checks, traffic recreation, crowd control, oil & gas, mining, and the list goes on and on.  Our students get hands-on opportunities to fly some of the drones now used in these career paths.

What We Are Working On

 Farm-i-tude continues to partner with some of the most advanced technology companies in the world to move forward on the use of drones in creating jobs. 
Including RTK ground units to allow students to get absolute precision accuracy when flying almost any industrial drone. Precision agriculture skills and knowledge to promote a sustainable planet.  As well as necessary skills to take them into other industries that are finding the need for drone technology to increase their bottom line.

Learn more about Farm-i-tude and the entire WakWay Foundation community and farming programs, follow the link below.

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