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Through Our Internship Program, Students Get Hands On Learning 

Cleaning Large Venue Stadiums

Agriculture adapted drones allow Farm-i-tude to become a solution for the new disinfectant and cleaning challenges that face the future of events. Our Aerial assault can sanitize  facilities, both indoor and outdoor, at a rate of 7 acres per hour, with EPA disinfectants.

We can treat high-risk zones with heavy footfall while significantly  limiting human to human contact, destroying 99.99% of bacteria.

"In this day and age, it's vital that we can make our rodeo fans, volunteers and everyone who steps on the rodeo grounds as safe as possible.  This is a great tool to help accompligh that goal." Gary Williams, GM Tucson Rodeo


Aerial Drone Footage 

Aerial photography from drones creates a level of visual that is hard to match for event property planning. Aerial photos and videos encompass the entire property and its features that are difficult to access. They also provide pictures/videos of surrounding area information. Farm-i-tude can provide video of event and surrounding grounds for better fan management.

Aerial Drone Farm Mapping

    Reduce and Produce

Over the past few years, a growing ecosystem of ag-specific drone solutions has emerged, making it possible to put aerial data to work in new and exciting ways. 

Today’s drone solutions let farmers detect crop health issues in real time, accurately assess losses after a major weather event, and even generate variable rate prescriptions that can save some serious cash by limiting labor and resources. Literally reducing cost while producing healthier crops.

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Agriculture Drone Spraying

Drones have drastically improved agricultural efficiency, both in terms of cost and labor. They’re spraying crops with pesticides and herbicides, better targeting where exactly those chemicals go to improve plant health while protecting the environment and saving money.

Drones are 60 times faster and able to adapt to anything from vinyards to small row crops.  The GPS system maintains even vertical heights above all crop levels ensuring optimal spraying.

What We Are Working On

Farm-i-tude continues to partner with some of the most advanced technology companies in the world to move forward on the use of drones in agriculture. 
Including mobile units to let small farm co-ops work together to have access to technology, which only the largest farms in the world previously had leveraged.

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