Disinfect Large Venue Stadium Steating

Agriculture adapted drones allow Farm-i-tude to become a solution for the Covid-19 challenges that face the future of events. Our Aerial assault can sanitize and disinfect facilities, both indoor and outdoor, at a rate of 7 acres per hour, with EPA disinfectants.

We can treat high-risk zones with heavy footfall while significantly  limiting human to human contact, destroying 99.99% of bacteria.

"In this day and age, it's vital that we can make our rodeo fans, volunteers and everyone who steps on the rodeo grounds as safe as possible.  This is a great tool to help accompligh that goal." Gary Williams, GM Tucson Rodeo

Aerial Drone Footage 

Aerial photography from drones creates a level of visual that is hard to match for event property planning. Aerial photos and videos encompass the entire property and it's features that are difficult to access. They also provide pictures/videos of surrounding area information. Farm-i-tude can provide video of event and surrounding grounds for better fan management.

Aerial Drone Footage to Readerboards

Adding drone video footage into your live event production mix gives an incredible variety to the event broadcast and significantly elevates the production value. 
Technology, today from a live stream drone, are practically a must for event broadcasting companies. The fan is now able to follow the action and feel how fast the athletes are really going.

Secure Large Venue Areas and Parking Lots

Drones add a complete new dimension to security. Our services provide the latest drone technology to secure livestock and large event areas  that previously needed multiple security solutions to ensure safety.  
Drones allow personnel and volunteers to remain safe while letting the drones investigate and be in harm's way.

What We Are Working On

Farm-i-tude continues to partner with some of the most advanced technology companies in the world to move forward on the use of drones in agriculture. 
Including mobile units to let small farm co-ops work together to have access to technology, which only the largest farms in the world previously had leveraged.

Learn more about Farm-i-tude and the entire WakWay Foundation community and farming programs, follow the link below.

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