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44807 U.PASS Submission

Submission of your 44807 Exemption

The FAA has four Federal requirements to fly your drone legally. They are as follows:

1. a 44807 Exemption     2. an 8050 for your N#     3. a Class 3 medical     4. a 137

This link is foused on the submission of the  44807 is a very lengthy and challenging paperwork submission to get it right. That is why we have the best in the industry providing that submission for you and dealing with all the FAA issues. This process takes between 2-3 months to receive. Once we have filed and paid, you will receive an FAA docket number to look up. You can ask to "share" on that docket, meaning you will be notified of any changes.

44807 Information

Please fill out the below infomation to get started

Thank You

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