Honoring Past Farming Values 

Through Technology 

Our Goal:

With the current WakWay Foundation fleet, our goal is to impact over 1.2million acres to increase small farmers crop yield,                332 thousand acres with precision spraying techniques, and create consumer confidence through our Farm-i-tude partnership with an agriculture-based disinfectant by converting our agriculture spraying drones onto spraying more than      110 thousand seats in venues with cleaners/ disinfectant.

Our Story:


Farm-i-tude is a NEW attitude about what it takes to be a present-day farmer.

Founded by Major League Coach Don Wakamatsu, Farm-i-tude is a program dedicated to building partnerships and opportunities in agriculture.


Even our clothing line gives 100% of the profits back into scholarships, internships, agriculture technology, and farming grants.


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Any and all questions please call (800) 706-6004 or email us at farmitudeteam@farmitude.org

Offices located in Dallas, TX and Phoenix, AZ

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