Saving the Resources 

That Feed the World

Our Mission:

Because of the frightening loss rate of America's small farms, The WakWay Foundation is committed to supporting all small farms with as many programs as possible. 

Our Farm-i-tude outreach program teaches the next generation of farmers about drones and other precision technology. At the same time, our small farm program showcases technology formerly only provided to large farms. With our current drone fleet, we can map and provide industrial drone services helping small farms manage expenses, resources, and manpower.

Our Story:

Farm-i-tude is a NEW attitude about what it takes to be a present-day farmer.

Founded by Major League Coach Don Wakamatsu, Farm-i-tude is a program dedicated to building precision technology partnerships and  opportunities in agriculture.


Even our clothing line gives 100% of the profits back into creating jobs,  internships, agriculture technology, and ultimately saving the resources that feed the world.