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Its All Just "Smart Farming"

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Our Mission:

Because of the frightening loss rate of America's small farms, including the 1000's of acres of farmland being retired because of water shortage, The WakWay Foundation is committed to supporting all small farms with as many programs as possible. 

Our Farm-i-tude outreach program teaches the next generation of farmers "Smart Farming," including zero-carbon farming, water conservation, and other precision agriculure technology. At the same time, our small farm showcases this Agriculture Tech in the field managing expenses, resources, and manpower.

Our Story:

After 26,573 flights and 3,987 hours in the air, Farm-i-tude has become a nationwide household word in regard to precision agriculture. Testing in the field over 200 pilots throughout 40 states in drone knowledge and our curriculum in over 800 schools nationwide teaching the next generation, Farm-i-tude is just getting started.
We continue to partner with over 30 states' Department of Agriculture and industry leaders such as DriftWatch to provide the most significant depth of knowledge for all 137 pilots.


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