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Crop Flight Drone Logbook

Crop Flight Drone Logbook

At farmitude, we are focused on taking agriculture to new heights. After managing the billing of over 187 pilots, we realized the need for a better logbook system. We decided to create a logbook based on the feedback we received from pilots, creating a solution that was intuitive, user-friendly and affordable. This led us to the creation of our signature product - Crop Flight Drone Logbook. Our aim is to simplify the process of data collection and FAA submissions for agricultural professionals.

We closely followed the rules found under the 137 "Conditions and Limitations" section of the FAA Exemption, which included:

  •      UAS Type and Model

  •      Number of Flights

  •      Total aircraft operational hours

  •      Takeoff or Landing Damage

  •      Equipment Malfunctions Number and Duration of Lost Link Events

  •      NOTAM

We also included:

  •      Maintenance Records

  •      Inspection Records

  •      Documents and Expiration Notification

  •      Weather

  •      LAANCE

But what makes us the best?  We included:

  •      State Forms (that are able to be filled out in the field)

  •      EPA Listing of Chemicals

  •      Client Billing

  •      Integrated QuickBooks Invoices

  •      Mixing Tank Calculator

  •       Maintenance Parts Ordering

  •      Knowledge and Skills Test 

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