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Farm-i-tude Drone Logbook

Farm-i-tude Drone Logbook

Now that you are qualified to fly, we need to keep you compliant. 
Under the "Conditions and Limitations" section of your Exemption, maintenance, and inspection records must be kept and provided to the FAA upon request.


Pilots will also need 14CFR 137.19(e) knowledge and skill test. Operators are now required to document satisfactory completion of knowledge and skill tests and provide them to the FAA upon request. 

It also holds your 107, 137, Class 3 medical, Exemption, Insurance, and state licenses, all in one area. 

It also allows you to create billing and save all preflight documents to THAT client or mission, eliminating future issues of missing paperwork. The logbook can be set to remind you of expiring certifications.


Finally, when new regulations come out, Farm-i-tude will update the logbook and notify all Pilots of those changes.

Annual Farm-i-tude Drone Logbook Subscription

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